Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Agree or Disagree

are everyone treated equal?
i disagree because i think everyone is treated differently because of there differences. people tell to treat people equal but really they are not treated the same because of what they have done or just on what type of person. most problem of being treated equal is racism, most people in the world are not treating nice or even better because of there race or religion. for example some who is poor is treat as a less important person but a rich people is look at a more important person. but another thing that is a problem that most people talk about is steotypes. steotypes are things that are said about a race and is not true. a steotypes about British people are that they all drink tea everyday and they all have bad teeth. which is not true but lots of people know it is but joke about it and make English people look pose which they are not. but not only steotypes are the reason its also how people think when they see someone. like if some looks homeless they mite think he is an drug addict and uses money for drugs but what they dont know is that he may not be a drug addict but was kicked out of his house when he was smaller and he now has to live in the streets. depends on there personality too, a person with a bad personalty means there not nice so you may not treat them nice.
Are all leaders wise and good?
i agree and disagree because there were and are good leaders but at the same time there were lots bad ones. a leader is meant to be whats best of the people and lots of them do but some are not like that. some are just in the job for power and money and they just want to do it cause they control the country. like in Egypt the people protested to the president because he didn't listen to the people and he was in power for too long and the people just want him to get out and a good leader is a person that the people like because he helps them when there in trouble and make the city or state safe. some people may not like him cause they want him to do somethings different but most people must like him as a leader for him to be a good one. a bad leader are people who cant lead or listen to the people and most of them hate him or her. he does not know how to control something when it goes wrong and does nothing or makes it worse. i think people who are able to be lead should lead and it should be the peoples choice for what leader to lead.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The dog back from the dead

the barking news
the dog back from the dead!
Breaking news of a dog found still alive when the owner though her dog was dead for 6 months. The owner Sarah Gordon owned a mixed puddle named bubbles who died 6 months ago due to old age and other problems from the dogs body condition. at the age of 15 years old in human years, the dog was buried 15 feet away from the owners house and at 6:12 am at June/6/2010 in the morning owner Sarah Gordon hear something hitting her door and she quickly open the door with her dog covered in dirt and looking at her with white eyes. the owner said "i thought i was dreaming but when i saw his eyes it looked like your looking at the devil. but i remember he was my loving dog." after she saw the dog she quickly took it in and called the vet next day tell him the whole story. the veterinary said " hearing her was tell me this, i thought she was on drugs. but as she was telling me that she wanted to show me. i agreed and after 30 minutes she came i was shocked to see that what she said was true .the dog was sent to studying." the dog was sent to special lab in new York and scientist Robert white said " the following cells in his body were new cells developed from the soil around the dead dog and make his body parts not decompose but rebuild his body parts and heal him but not only that the cells made his body in better shape it also made him be able to dig out, this process takes time but this cell is going to be tested in the future and is giving the name, zombie cells. " the dog now is off research after 3 months and is currently living in Texas with his owner in a little house out in the country. she says that even if he is ugly in the outside, he is the most beautiful dog in the inside. More news will be put up in late 2011 about the cells and how it can be used in hospitals but for now time will tell.

Monday, 18 October 2010

all teenagers have the same problems.
i think that everyone when there are a teenager that they go through the same problem because when i talk to my dad about my problems he said he when through the same think. my friend talk about our problems and we most of the time have the same problems. i think even people rich or poor go through the same stuff. for exsample if a boy get a D- in school he is in trouble. but if someone that doesnt go to school and doesnt do anything to help his family he will be in trouble. and if some gets an A in school and if a kid that doesnt go to school does somthing good for his family it still be the same proudness of each person.

you tell a lot about someone from there clothing
i think you dont tell a lot about someone from there clothing because they are different in the inside. the famous way of saying it is '' dont judge a book by its cover''. sometimes you can tell but not a lot. for exsample. if someone decides to go shopping for food he doesnt really care about his look because it is not imporent to look good. but if was going out on a date with a hot girl then he will look as good as he can. also if some is dressed bright and shinny like a jersey girl maybe there shy in the inside or if someone is wearing black and grimm stuff maybe she is out going in the inside.

Monday, 20 September 2010

My favorite video is the one with the puppet. I think it was funny and I had a great laugh. Even though it was really short I like it because it was really humors. I liked the puppet idea and the voice was clear.

The one I will us to show a person who has not seen it will be the one that was the one made by poe. I think it teals the story good, clear, and I can understand the story 100%. Even if it was old and really bad quality it tells the story nicely. I didn’t really like the other one because it was really bad and dark and it was too short I really like the other ones though I hope too see more and I like the puppet one was better then all because its more modern but the old one was really good to tell a

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Across the Universe

Across the Universe is musical that is full of Beatles songs.

The movie is about a boy who lives in Liverpool in the 60s. He has a very hard life there because he does not go to school. So he decides to go to America to find his dad. His dad left him and his mum when he was a baby. When he gets there he meets his dad, but he is disappointed. Although he is disappointed he decided to stay there and go to school. At the school he meets a boy and they became best friends and he falls in love with his friend’s sister when suddenly he has to go to war.

I liked this movie because I loved the music, I liked the story and I adored the characters.